I Anger

I cannot understand why I'm so angry inside I wondered what were this anger arises as lion rages in locked caged deep down inside, these emotions seemly to never subside beneath my flesh rather this anger burrowed in my bones, heart and mind Frustration looms heavenly as anvil weighted upon my soul I wondered were [...]


Release me from this toll that you have about me These extraordinary feelings that I don't possessed towards thee, I come to you upon my knees to pledge my no love for thee Please, please understand this absent of love I have for thee, my love for thee like the dead sea.  No warmth of [...]


My hart not there anymore  Voided is happiness within me been extinguish  days aren’t sunny anymore just Iazy hazy, gray skies resembles how I’m feeling all inside Not anymore good thoughts of you and l I just desire to flee from what turns my skies into gray, and my happiness fades away.


The night air blows quickly, quietly I ride the black cart upon the links Dipping, runninng in around down concrete  paths  cool air against my skin as sprinklers flicking, clicking missing me as I flows bye bye into the darkness I roll as slient guardian my duty is untold passing without notice nor a stare [...]


Darkest nightmare Fades to black drifting at sea At night Fishes bite, whales hales and Sings, cold and wet, bleeding From a shark bite Each night to bed, the horrifying Sight without moon light Man at war stinging in dreams Endlessly through the night Rolling upon violent ocean, tossing Turning all night, eyes open without [...]

Wasted Seasons 

Pale day, everything hidden behide the clouds, on occasions  the sun cracked the clouds to gives off array of ulviotent colors.  The warmth of the wind a gentle caress upon my skin  as I inhale the sweet scent of honeysuckle & jasmine caught in the unatural breezes of spring seasons I think back to those [...]