Upon my lips U taste like cinnamon spice sticks inhale your smell so sweet like honey to me  soft puffy clouds your eyes as glitter under dark midnight sky Fondling your body gets my insides into natural high While dipping my tongue into your sweet apple pie With vanilla cream n cherry on top Slipping [...]


We here together maybe forever  My best friend not my lover Why people think we cannot be friends without fucking one another  meaningful relationships does exists We do love and admire one another  people see us together cannot understand why we're friends with each other their minds are culture condition we must be a couple [...]


Florida's sunshine and humid conditions are notorious especially during  summer the months of June through August the heat feels similar to open furnace.  However, January though March are ideally suited for outside events and recreational activities during midday. At night without the threats of misquotes attacks and drenching humid nights. I cannot remember when it [...]