Release me from this toll that you have about me These extraordinary feelings that I don't possessed towards thee, I come to you upon my knees to pledge my no love for thee Please, please understand this absent of love I have for thee, my love for thee like the dead sea.  No warmth of [...]

Mind F**k

Sara has fiery disposition construct perplexity to mind fuck those whom intellect is not whole. Vehement velocity of words lashing tongue dismantle a foe  Leaves me to wonder what’s with this 5'3"  pitbull woman is so bold, her delight in mind fucking those simple bitches and trolls


I cannot walk without thee Your love got me  on my knees Unable to forsee How long we are met to be  Will our love grow as a maple tree Just be like a weed growing between Concrete Will this love grow strong roots stand Through harshest times or  A twig be pulled from the [...]