How someone define courage? its can be in many different forms through actions even by  expressions. This quote seemly to hang in my psyche as chronic headache.  “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”-Lao Tzu.

I came across that quote while reading in my bunk at sea on naval vessel in south pacific were the skies on moonless night looks the like black rolling sea. During my naval service I was voracious reader when not standing watch. I read almost every book in the ship’s library during the eight months of my deployment from popular science  to  the essentials of ship navigation systems.  I set out on personal odyssey who was Lao Tzu?

Well during shore leave town of  Free-mantle just stone throw away from one of Australia’s largest western city known as Perth and I remember  it being  the most beautiful warm city filled with hospitable people.  I found that Chinese philosopher Tzu in a Perth book store or rather it found me.  This man lived in China in the 6th century or  maybe he lived in the 4th or 5th century but funny thing is the historians at odds  actually Tzu was actual man or just mythical figure, we will never know.

Three  paragraph in you are asking yourself where I’m going with this? the elements of life consist of happiness, loving yourself and others. Some people seek religion to have spiritual peace within themselves by getting closer to their God through teachings. Now, this Chines philosopher were a religious man same as any other contemporary spiritual leader in our modern times such  man or woman that demonstrate moral courage because the love of humanity to make mankind rises above biases to be one brotherhood.

We all must look within ourselves to create a better world for all mankind. In changing the world it starts within ourselves but man will never get get there due to greed, luster and hate. I’m  guessing if its more people are enlightened want to change the world for the better.