She don't see a philosopher nor poet inside of me; Humor which shine brightly around me with her eyes open but she cannot see why she saying I drive her crazy causing her aneixty but U haven't attempted to leave me thinking I'm awful man to thee I don't abuse u physically or mentially just feelin [...]


We here together maybe forever  My best friend not my lover Why people think we cannot be friends without fucking one another  meaningful relationships does exists We do love and admire one another  people see us together cannot understand why we're friends with each other their minds are culture condition we must be a couple [...]


Each day I question these feelings and often wonder what I’m feeling is just a fancy or real. These emotions which is energetically exist within me given a sort of rebirth how I feel towards another. Before I just  had empty feeling of sadness exist within me. One cannot  logically explain the emotions when it [...]


I will miss a close friend because she’s moving to Texas. We had some good times and bad but we never abandoned each other in the time of need. When she cried I was called to comfort her and wipe the tears from her lovely face. She was there to pull me out of despair [...]


Today my engine check light came on. The amber color it didn’t flash it just remain illuminated. I knew before anything get serious take it into my Volkswagen dealership.  Once there I huslt everything from the interior and made sure I gather my bag and the gate opener. Anyway the service manager greeted me with [...]