Upon my lips U taste like cinnamon spice sticks inhale your smell so sweet like honey to me  soft puffy clouds your eyes as glitter under dark midnight sky Fondling your body gets my insides into natural high While dipping my tongue into your sweet apple pie With vanilla cream n cherry on top Slipping [...]


Peach sweet tastey when biting into thee juices runs freely down my cheeks and tummy Just a taste of thee, got my sweet tooth acting crazy hungry anxiously wanting to eat more of your delicious body Licking peachy juices flowing  from thee so passionately, I eat, eat until the peachy fruity is all inside of [...]


One night, very close friend and I decided to do something insane by taking a spontaneous midnight skinny dipping into the community hot tub where we both work at night. Since we both been working together nearly four weeks, our personality instantly clicked and our relationship began to flourish. Kara has an adventurous, bubbling demeanor [...]


Ur curvy in those jeans so delicious, delightful to see full-figure woman sexy sensual azz in summer dress light hitting her just right Loving cuddling dat voluptuous body laying in bed all night n day kicking it with me Dat curvaceous body rides freely whenever she makes mad crazy love to me, passionately I caress, [...]