My weekends goes so quickly, I guess because I’m outdoors recreational freak. I get involved anything outdoors recreational activities that makes me feel so good inside and out.

Nothing like hiking a trail in the early morning hours, the scent of pine and honeysuckle looms in the cool air. As I deeply inhale freshness into my lunges giving this natural high.

What about surfing or swimming in the salty ocean, how the tide pushes and tug my body in the surf or feeling the power of wave as I ride upon it to shore on my board and respecting the awesomeness and power of the sea.

I love biking in the twisting trails feeling my legs tighting as I peddling faster and harder as winds strike my face and breath harder acedending and decedending upon the hilly terrain. As my hands tightly gripping the handle bars never once relaxing my firm grip or the steadiness of my attention to the trail.

How I hate the Mondays and cannot wait for my weekends to come again, and again. Oh yeah, this weekend I fail to mention that I considering perhaps some rock climbing or maybe fishing but one thing is certain I will be outdoors doing something fun and recreational.


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