Environment of elevator is steel coffin rectangle in built, suspended by cables which base on a brake pull system. Once you step into a elevator you surrendered yourself to an brief imprisonment, being confinde momentary to reach your destination.

To make one feel at ease during your ascend to the forty-nineth floor the elevator music is flooded into that coffin  giving one the sense  not focusing on being locked in that elevator while being propelled upward in a tomb only by cable wires.

Although I paint a simplistic picture of the elevator being  just a box being suspended by systems of cable and pullies however the elevator is more complicated mechanical engineering system .

Hence it’s more exciting keeping it simple because getting too technical about how the elevator works get one eyes to glazes over and loose interests  but whom cares, right?

Another take the importance of music plays psychologically by distracting ones mind  while inside a hollow box. There’s third perspective someone can take this story and say oh well but I  think back of my personal experience  using this particular elevator each morning for five days a week with total strangers.  I was only familiar with faces but never known those individuals by names.  It never fails but it always a attractive female or a handsome male steps onto the elevator which everyone notice instantly.  People usually partake to indulge themselves in a brief fantasy but quickly fades once the burnette steps off on the tweny-third floor or that dark hair male on the forty-nineth floor.

It’s all good riding up in elevator rather walking  up  forty flights  of stairs. Mr. Eeisha Graves Oits the inventor those safety devices that prevents elevators from falling if hoisting cables fails. I bet he would be blown away how high modern architects have built those towers that reaches into the heavens.

Anyone believes elevators was a modern invention answer is a no but rather a Greek mathematician name Archimedes had created a elevator about 236 B.C. In ancient Rome, so throughout known civilizations the elevator been around.


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