She don’t see a philosopher nor poet inside of me; Humor which shine brightly around me with her eyes open but she cannot see

why she saying I drive her crazy causing her aneixty but U haven’t attempted to leave me thinking I’m awful man to thee

I don’t abuse u physically or mentially just feelin you marginalized me 

I work daily and home nightly show you love regardless tired or hungry, you don’t cook even wash for me while you home not doing nothing

 U riding high in brand new automobile I put you up in pure luxury but you acting funny when you are chilling around me

I haven’t no desire of smashing thee I’m sorry never horny 

You call me stupid whenever you goes on your rants when you’re pissed at me feelin you don’t love me just using me or manybe you just stayin along aside me U can’t find another man like me

I decide today to just fade away


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