The other morning a friend and I was having a coffee at Donuts Shop , people were coming and going but some steadied outside or inside as we were steaded. Just several blocks away there’s one of the biggest retirement communities in the county happens to be just down the road from this Donut Shop.

As we were engaged in a conversation, a long wet sounding frat came from this woman anus standing in line, we both stared at each other in horror and couldn’t believe this woman standing there let a loud nasty one go.

It wasn’t close to a quite fart that smell permeates in the air and then everyone looking around asking who done it but this fart was done with class though, she stood there like she Queen of England never once reacted that loud nasty wet sounding fart screamed out her anus.

My friend said loudly, “no she didn’t” with a loud thrundering tone voice. The fart lady, just stood there in line never once reacted to that hellish frat rolled out her anus but funny thing about that entire situation ten or more people were sitting or standing in the Donut Shop but none of them ever reacted to that loud wet frat sound, both cashiers stood behind the counter with smiles and then one of the young ladies from the counter asked the fart lady, “what you like to have madam?”
Then my friend said in a saracist humorous voice, “Yeah a panties check!”. Still no one responded or reacted they treated this shit as it wasn’t unusual, the fart lady received her coffee, turned to the door never once looking in our direction were we are steadied and walked out the door past us.

We steadied there amazed of what had just taken place and openly wondered why no one but us reacted to that lady farting. Few minutes later the manager of the coffee shop came over to our table and said. “Please she have flatulence issues and only time she can pass gas is here in our shop besides she owns this shop.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard, “Hey are we being punked or something ?” Her reply, “No sir” and that welcome smile turned stern, then suddenly the people’s sitting in coffee shop began to fart in unison.


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