About several months ago while shopping at Costco with my better half. We accidentally bump into Tammi an old colleague of mine.
My wife only knew her as past co-worker but nothing else.
We had worked together over five years, we at that time felt it was great ideal to break all ties with each other because we were moving in different directions changing careers and demands with college and so forth. Deciding to end our relationship was the hardest thing we had to do at that time but separating definitely effected me.
I consciously withheld that detail about Tammi from my wife. My past life had no bearing on our marriage.

The coincidental meeting at Costco were warm but friendly Tammi briefly chatter on about her kids, husband and I did the same with us smiling.

However, Tammi and I didn’t mention Casey because we both knew my wife is clueless whom is Casey. She was Tammi and I lover, the three of us lived together and shared everything but people look at my situation and call me a lucky man.
The intimacy was part of the relationship but I recall how much each of us love and respected one another. The partnership wasn’t without issues and problems as any other meaningful relations with others. A lot of emotions, househole rules among other things we had to confront especially jealousy.
The more we worked on ourselves that jealous emotions faded. I learned how to communication being honest and explaining my feelings and needs particularly living with two women it made me more vocal.

We done everything what society sees a normal couple would do like trips , vacations and hangout at home or catch occasional movies. Helping out Casey to write her thesis papers to Tammi hardship the lost of her mother and my oldest brother, and those moments also events made our bond closer.

Ordinary people didn’t know Tammi were bi-sexual nor our lover was Casey. We lie to our neighbors that Casey just was bestie with Tammi and I was the roommate. The owner would have never rented us his townhouse if he knew Tammi sexual orientation or our lifestyle.
Then our kind of relationships was unacceptable but wow how a generational change people perspective .
I appreciate the the friendship, trust, and respect Tammi, Casey and I created.

I hope someone reading my personal testimonial that don’t let society norms dictate whom you love. Hopefully you find people or person that loves you and be accepting regardless of your sexual orientation or lifestyle . Trying to put it into context the lifestyle we live was definitely a eye opener to me certainly a experience and journey of human behavior.

I wondered not often if this kinda relationships with alternative lifestyles can withstands society norms or holdout through this supermarket morality many people have these days. I decided to do a search on the net, and wasn’t surprised finding Throuple relations.


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