This What I See

 My mind wonder quietly is this nightmare will be ever over. Pain strikes within my joints as thousands needles being stuck viciously into my fragile body.

I grow so cold in this mad, mad world which besige me with their racial hatred I never did anything but was born black . Theses endless assault leaves me to believe making my ethic group extinct socially, economically and politically. Replacing the chains the whips and lynching with mass incarceration, execution and racial discrimination with laws weighted on me.

I ‘m being hunted like a wild beast in the urban jungle of American cities and towns . This never about equality rather white supremacy that particular need to stand forever over me.
History tells me fighting for our basics right of life, liberties and the pursuit of happiness but instead a perpetual war with white supremacy. I wondered why they cannot just let me be? Always trying to control me.

White supremacy even today writing laws restricting my liberties and voting is more harder than it should be, no one wants to listen to me when your rights has gone away and then you awaken asking what the hell happened to me?
Your minor issues with me let white supremacy rule everybody and then with little money or without higher education you will be forever grinding in poverty.

Conservativism is mirrior of white supremacy to me trying everything to hold me in state of nothingness making it impossible trying to better myself when the fork is in me.

Healthcare is human right not just for privilege human beings. The sick, young and old needs us so they won’t fall through social net of society. Yeah, we are only good as the lowest of peoples in our hallowed out democracy.
We all must take social responsibility and enact social policies to assist other Americans in this hallow out democracy. Kill white supremacy, kill economic and social inequality.
Can we come together make this be a real democracy instead of transforming into oligarchy. These difference between you and me it’s not complicated but you must decide we be divided by ideology of white supremacy to cause resolution what ill our dying democracy.
Stop pissing away our opportunities saying we cannot do nothing but changes is a marathon and not a simple quickie. I heard once what is a difference between a moment and movement? A movement takes sacrifice. By reading this testimony you now know a little more about me.


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