Jade, Shelly and I

About a year ago my friend Jade met Shelly which they began dating. I was cool with it because Jade seems pleased with Shelly and I in return were glad for my friend.
Well, Jade brought Shelly around after several weeks of dating to meet me. I can say Shelly were very approachable, and warm inviting personality, I ‘m always cautious meeting new peoples but I let down my guard against my better judgement didn’t become skeptical meeting Shelly because I wanted to please Jade.

I knew how much that meeting means to Jade and I didn’t want to disappoint her meeting Shelly her girlfriend for the first time.
Jade and I shared a close bond of friendship but on subsequent visits I began to detect Shelly either resented me or were jealous perhaps both. I didn’t want to share those feeling with Jade at all because I thought it was me feeling that type of way towards Shelly taking away my best friend. However, I was picking up those emotions of jealousy from Shelly.

It was not me feeling that type of way, and one day I decided to share with Jade what I was picking up from Shelly. I trusted Jade enough to tell her the truth that her girlfriend didn’t like me being around Jade anymore. Jade and I discussed my feelings and she basically agreed with me, and Jade stated she detected similar things how Shelly on occasions verbalize to her how and why we’re friends.
I recalled outside on Jade’s patio one particular afternoon after I was invited over. Shelly and Jade were having lunch on the patio, it felt so wired because I can feel the vibe that Shelly didn’t want me there but she faked it so that it wouldn’t upset Jade since she invited me over.
I know Shelly feels threaten because Jade and I have a close bond, some people feels guy and girl cannot be just friends unless they’re fucking. I have mutual respect and love for Jade, I know Shelly can’t understand our relationship but what she did not see or experience we were there for each other for support.
Jade came into my life unexpectedly and helped me and for that I will be forever grateful and her friend.

Since Jade have moved away our friendship remains close but we call, text , e-mail each other when we can but I do miss Jade as I’m sure she misses me. It genuine love and respect, I feel Shelly will never totally understand. Friendships are forged in loyalty, tears, going through difficult periods together when no one else is there but Jade most of all enduring trust, respect between both parties.
If Shelly wasn’t jealous of me then she can see the love Jade and I have for each other.


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