Stairs, dreams, reality 

This morning I decided park my car on the first floor in the parking garage in the building which I work. The floor that I work is the fifth, Hiking up five flight of stairs is great cardio workout, and especially it’s my stressor release besides it feels good to my body.

I began walking up those stairs to get my weight down and it worked conjure with my eating habits.  I had to redefine myself being mindful what I put into mouth to become more displine with dieting well as exercising.  

Each morning as I steadily scale those steps it gives more appreciation of my mental health and whatever on my mind that particular morning get worked out usually before I reached the fifth floor. So I guess a healthy body gives way to healthy mind.  I will continue these walk long after I loose these 10 pounds from my frame.

It’s my observations even my dreams are longer, happier and vivid I can recall that dream in detail from the smells to the brilliant colors and sounds.  Wow,  those dreams nightly I have are welcome.

It spill into my reality I feel more comfortable, fresh and rested through the day having more energy too. I guess it’s contribute back how I’m dieting, exercising and getting enough rest flows into creative dreams and better mind set.


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