One night, very close friend and I decided to do something insane by taking a spontaneous midnight skinny dipping into the community hot tub where we both work at night. Since we both been working together nearly four weeks, our personality instantly clicked and our relationship began to flourish.
Kara has an adventurous, bubbling demeanor with quick wit, and dymo attitude. She reminds me of me in may ways, but I’m reserve and more or less responsive unlike Kara is reactionary.
Around midnight the lights automatically set to turn off at the community aquatic center. We both slipped onto the half lighted patio area as we ambled steadily  towards a section in the corner of the patio were the  hot tub is located.  The hot tub area is secluded flaked by buffalo palms trees and artificial rock givining a scenery of exotic tropical lagoon.

Kara and I  began to pill off our community uniforms  quickly, I noticed her petite tone frame with the moon beam glittering off her olive skin. Kara  Unfasten that radiant brunette hair as it dropped upon her slender neck and down those narrow shoulders. 
I wasn’t shy at all about being bare it became exhilarating experience and exciting. I’m confident and happily reserve that  Kara would be pleased what she would witness. I didn’t react to Kara’s thick thinghs and noticeable bubble butt proportional to her soft curvous shape. 
Kara’s have perfect spherical breasts her nipples were erect resulting from the brush of the moderate midnight nippy air. She decended down into the hot tub in front of me while I  can feel my nature rises as I observed those twins rotund welcome by warm bubbling water. 

Kara turned to face my entrance into the tub, her bright brown eyes with emotionless stare fix to my package. I can feel Kara’s eyes probing my body from my head to my feet. My heart began pounding as sensation rushing down blow me. 

As I entered the water it was warm and relaxing, Kara and I sat talking looking up at the stars until 2am as I massage her lovely beautiful feet.


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