Today my engine check light came on. The amber color it didn’t flash it just remain illuminated. I knew before anything get serious take it into my Volkswagen dealership.  Once there I huslt everything from the interior and made sure I gather my bag and the gate opener. Anyway the service manager greeted me with a pleasant and smile and proceeded to ask me what the issue with the vehicle. I responded what was wrong and the slender tall middle age gentleman  nodded his head as he entered my vehicle vent number into his tablet. Once the done then he said in a sure correct voice, “ Mr. Washington,  I will have my guys take a look at the problem  and hopefully to have you out by the hour.” He given me a standard smile. Then he said, “will you be waiting Mr. Washington?” I replied with affirmative ‘Yes”. Throwing my back over my left shoulder as I entered into the building a rush of cool air hit my face as the automatic doors slide open. A new car smell scent hit me as I entered into waiting area were its located near the open showroom that the newest Passat, and Jetta’s are on display.  The tall flat white walls connected to a ceiling of hanging industrial lighting  features which the face of the building wall of glass looks out  to Okeechobee Blvd.  I flop back in the comfy black leather lounge chair which in semi-circle with five other chairs that anchored to  flat table with magazines somewhat laid out in a orderly pattern. A 40″ flat screen on the wall above the area were I”m steadied. I noticed a blonde hair woman walking towards me were I’m steadied sporting a loosely fitting  blue blouse that matches her eyes and capri denim pants fitting those shapely hips.  she steadied next next me and given a welcome smile and gesturing with her head a hello. One noticeable thing I remember about the lady steadied next to me not her hair or eyes even her shapely body rather the smell of her sweet perfume and crimson luscious lips. 


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