Something about tonight, the moonless skies. The crackling coolness of the steel air run rampant through my garments. Gripping upon my bones as being touched by a cold hand.

A darker presence than the night lurks in the corners and shadows without a face or name. 

I struggle to determine what exactly is following  me? It never comes out during the day light nor ambling about on full moon night. It’s only seeks me out on these nights. Absent of any natural or artificial lights, it’s seemly only wants to come out  on moonless, coolest of nights.

Seeking safety I huddled near open fireplace only to be company by this darkness which follows  me. I asked it, “Why you’re following me?”  It not uttering a word. I became impatient and repeated my question to this dark entity.  A voice as trumpet then  it suddenly spoke. 
“I’m too cold and I follow you because you find the fireplaces.” I became speechless it spoken to me. Then it asked me a question, “Why do you adventure out only on the coolness and darkest of nights?” “I guide lost travels home by lighting trail fires to give them warmth and way back home.” I said confidently.
“Mmm” the entity said.  The silence between us was replaced by the howling winds. The  entity laughed then said, “My job is to lure travels deeper into the forest on these kind of moonless nights. My father said I was never good at luring travelers deep into forest on moonless nights. Now I know why because I’m following you to get warm.”  Then I began thinking back 15 years ago and then I asked the entity. “Was your father out during one of our coolest nights in history  about five years ago over 100  people got lost? And entity replied,  “Yes”.  I told the entity every year since last year I haven’t lost a traveler. 

Then the entity replied, “Yeah during the past year I been following you trying to say warm.”


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