today in unlike yesterday, my department had two people transferred into our department from another department within the company. I cannot recall the male or female name but both were assigned to open cubical on the other side of mine. its not much there when people are reassigned to another department especially its a promotion. In this department we’re all analysis and we see individuals come and go if you been employed in the department or in the company long enough, the manager of the department went to each of the present analysis cubical with the two transfer employees in tow with a belief greet and meet. I plastered on a manufactured smile and shook their hands. 
Then I returned to my monitor and placed my ear plugs into my ears listening to the Heat on XM radio to resumed my mundane task and watch threesome walk away onto the adjacent cubrials. I cannot remember my first days but after twenty years everyday looks the same in the office for me.</p><p>I have seen and heard always everything including co-workers relations with others inside or outside this department. Oh yeah, not to mention the annual appreication party that the manament gives not feeling gulity due to not giving employees raises. </p>It’s funny it’s call appreciation party, I guess we’re all lucky to appreciate our jobs.  I didn’t attend the office party but individuals that was there told me it was a banging blast.


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