Always Someone Watching

I recalled sitting on the balcony along side my roomate Robert and he uttered this sentence to me, “It’s always someone watching.” Apparently on a cool brisk evening in Southern California we usually spend our none payday Friday evenings people watching on the balcony at our condo unit. Since being three stories up in prime location over looking complex community swimming pool. We have prefect location of residents and their guests entering and living the courtyard area surrounding the pool area.

I wondered often when people look up at us what they think of us or what they’re saying but actually I can care less, however l do embrace the attention from whom ever I get from the deck below.

I remembered this young couple just adjacent from us one particular evening, she was slender built and her strinky dark shoulder length wet from the pool but sat passionately embracing her muscular brawny boyfriend near the pool. At first, it’s not unusual seeing couples hanging in or around the pool in different dispositions of interactions or activities with each other. Anyway, later that same evening Robert’s girl called to hang out with him for few hours which left me solo on the balcony eating cheese pizza and throwing down some Stella’s.
Well, the slender built woman neighbor with the short hair had reappeared from her unit hours later dress for work wearing tightly fitting black pants and white blouse dress like a hostest.
I never wondered what my neighbors done for a living because they like their profession. Oh sap, that dark hair woman’s brawny boyfriend returned to their unit hours later with two women latino and African decent enter into his unit and it got my imagination running. 

I knew something was up with that situation those ladies going into that unit without the woman of the house isn’t there but I seen those two ladies before several times in past entering or exiting that unit with dark hair woman. Damn that ain’t right but it’s not for me get involved with other people business it always become Ugly.
Well it’s about that time for me to leave this balcony as darkness crawls in the landscape lighting and lamps click on simultaneously and the air becomes cooler and the peoples in and around the pool trickles away. My six sense kicked as was gathering my empty bottles from the balcony. On that particular evening I realized someone was watching me too.


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