Dream Day #4: Pool Night

Lounging on the back porch at midnight, Andrea and I  just finished off a bottle of merlot  we then decided to take a quick plunge into the pool in our birthday suits.  The moon light reflecting off the flat water of the pond that backs our house, After several laps in the pool and horseplay we both settle at the shallow end of the pool suddenly we were  locked in a warm embrace I can sense she surrendered herself to me for tonight.

We looked into each other eyes never uttering  a word but we knew, passionately we’re kissing, caressing and fondling each other wet bodies. I feel her body against mine as my nature raises. Those erect nipples prech atop those melon size breasts are pressing against my chest.  Andera’s sweet honeysuckle scent were intoxicating the more I kiss  and sucked her breasts a gentle moaning, gasping from Andrea becoming more responsive and aroused to my touch.

I then firmly held Andrea  by the  waist with both hands then I  picked her out of the water and gently placing her on the edge of the pool deck, while our lips are still locked together passionately. 

I began licking and sucking her breasts but moving smoothly and carefully downwards towards her stomach, I can feel Andrea’s soft tender hands gripping my arms even more tightly as she antipating my lips being between her spot. 

I pressed her muscular athletic legs apart to make feast to Andrew’s spot. I inhale, smelling her body juices. Delib Jimerately with a painter’s touch with my tongue lapping her clit and sucking, each time my tongue moves across her spot I feel her clit getting harder and more pronounced. Eating her like my favorite veggie soup. Andrea hands now feel as vice grips upon my head her moaning becoming audible mixture with “oh damn daddy” and “shit eat dat spot.” The more of Andrea’s grunting,  moaning talking nasty the more arousal I became.  My head remain between her legs, this relentless desire that I want to please and to satisfy my lady when ever we’re making love or just fucking. 

I’m cumming daddy, I’m cumming!” Andrea said with deep draw off her lips. I now can taste the fruits of my labor, she cum in my mouth and I drink it all up. My long thick cock so hard and the tip raspberry in color. Her orgasm made me wild with passion, I flip her around on hands and knees. Taken my right hand guided my cock into her spot the tip slipped into Andera’s hot wet spot, just feeling her body reacting wanting it and I began slowly filling her up. 

Awww shit dat pussy good” I grasp both hips with my hands as began pounding her from behind Andrea throwing it back even harder, her shapely ass cheek rolling like jello. The slapping of flesh on flesh broken stillness of the evening sound. Andrea creamy paste coated my thick shaft the more I moved in and out the thicker cream became. 

This sensation was running down my cock like a spike, I feel her body going into jolt,  shaking and trembling going into climax, my stomach tighten as I gladly spilled my load into Andrea’s wet spot.



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