I Anger

I cannot understand why I'm so angry inside I wondered what were this anger arises as lion rages in locked caged deep down inside, these emotions seemly to never subside beneath my flesh rather this anger burrowed in my bones, heart and mind Frustration looms heavenly as anvil weighted upon my soul I wondered were [...]


Release me from this toll that you have about me These extraordinary feelings that I don't possessed towards thee, I come to you upon my knees to pledge my no love for thee Please, please understand this absent of love I have for thee, my love for thee like the dead sea.  No warmth of [...]

Mind F**k

Sara has fiery disposition construct perplexity to mind fuck those whom intellect is not whole. Vehement velocity of words lashing tongue dismantle a foe  Leaves me to wonder what’s with this 5'3"  pitbull woman is so bold, her delight in mind fucking those simple bitches and trolls