My Reflections

I like to think peoples are inherently judgmental about anything and everything. Including those whom are family, friends and associates. Well my presonal philosophy is I don’t interfer nor judge another individual about their lifestyle or their decisions of how they want to live. It’s inherently each individual lives are shaped by their personal experiences. Weather those occurrence in life are positive or not it’s a prelude to the foundation how a particular person will live.
I feel is personal invasion when someone not personally invited are occupying my personal circle. Therefore, my friendship is special with that person I choose to let in. I maintained casual relations with peoples which are not in my personal circle rather I remain as pleasant and respectful towards them as they towards me. I remembered a conversation once I had with a dear friend, she said “We are adults and long as both parties agree and willing participant to relations it’s no other people business, hell we’re not hurting anyone.”
I rather hold on to that statement more today than before. I see wisdom and knowledge even more valuable as my seasons are longer on this earth. Some men can live a life time and die as a fool because their refusal or shallowness not to accept facts or reasoning
To adjust their thinking according to the changing social or economic landscape. One thing is always consent is change. What is certain we all shall surely die. So I don’t spend my effort and time to judge others base on their lifestyles or who they spend their time with or who they love. I’m skeptical when a individual spout to take away another individual liberties or base along on race, sex or sexual preference. Oh yeah, a woman’s right control over their own bodies and whom gives a man right to tell a woman what is specifically right for themselves. Leave God out of this because I haven’t seen or heard God has spoken to anyone pertaining to women aborting a fetus. My personal take is a woman private choice whether or not I agree with it or not but it’s their right, it’s between them and their God.
It’s all I will state on that issue. Now, were did I began this reflection of personal experiences and judgemental people which we will always have and hopefully I have expanded my personal circle of people with enlighten mind like myself . If man don’t seek light, he shall always and forever stumble through darkness.


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