I Wonder

I wonder if the world be as I dreamed it to be but it's nothing like I wondered it would be many different colors bonded together for one cause to improve humanity Why, why I so wonder the world is so confused just angry at me Maybe my complexion that's why some white men hate [...]


Ur curvy in those jeans so delicious, delightful to see full-figure woman sexy sensual azz in summer dress light hitting her just right Loving cuddling dat voluptuous body laying in bed all night n day kicking it with me Dat curvaceous body rides freely whenever she makes mad crazy love to me, passionately I caress, [...]

Something About

It's something about u, smile is warm as summer afternoon day maybe your bubbling personality so intoxicating to me, it's something about your eyes cool aqua green feels like relaxing Bermuda lagoon upon me It's something about u, like the only special bottle of wine that I want to always drink you, taking long walks [...]

My Reflections

I like to think peoples are inherently judgmental about anything and everything. Including those whom are family, friends and associates. Well my presonal philosophy is I don't interfer nor judge another individual about their lifestyle or their decisions of how they want to live. It's inherently each individual lives are shaped by their personal experiences. [...]


feasting upon a turkey sandwich roll embabed were a wishbone, I wonder quietly and out loud how the wishbone become thorn in my turkey sandwich roll Instead of soaking or complaining about that wishbone in my turkey sandwich roll what if I break that bone n cast a wish hopefully that wishbone will give me [...]

Sing Along Song

I'm good and yourself? Reasoning not escapes me this song I love to sing along whenever it's on the radio or on my playlist on my phone what I told you that song I love to sing along is my story nobody knows describing the pain in that song which I sing along with passion, [...]