Something From me….

I spending majority of my time working two full-time jobs, I have been working those jobs now for eighteen years. Each time  I want to finish my college education seemly family obligations calls me. So being a good soldier, I place my personal goals aside to provide for my family.

I still have that dream of someday finishing my college education which I began twenty years ago. It been harder on me being the primary and the only provider, my wife appears comfortable with her standard of living in which I provide her and my two remaining teenage children are now at home.

Things never seem what they’re appear to be and I have made my life worth of caring for my family its my responsibility as father and husband. I’m not compel to express my feelings to my wife since she takes it as attacking her. However, she doesn’t know my health pertaining to injury I suffered during my service years in the Navy. I don’t talk about it much because that created my premature discharge from naval service due to a medical reason.

I’m happy and satisfied with my life  enjoying  whatever comes with it but within myself  I’m at peace with the understanding that everything else take care of itself. I don’t need to worry about what I cannot control because it just a waste of time. I rather focus on things that matters to me now. My most enjoyable moments is spent with my family and I thank God for what he as surely blessed me with a loving family.

Despite everything damn I’m having a wonderful life. A man cannot ask for anything more family, love and meaningful place were I work with some great people within my co-workers some are dear close friends of mine. So I don’t think about what I don’t have rather cherish and hold onto to the relationships I do have.



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