Florida’s sunshine and humid conditions are notorious especially during  summer the months of June through August the heat feels similar to open furnace. 

However, January though March are ideally suited for outside events and recreational activities during midday. At night without the threats of misquotes attacks and drenching humid nights. I cannot remember when it ever having heavy raining days but occasionally received a few late afternoon showers. 

I love being under my oak tree in the back yard laying around in the beach chair, staring upward through pee green leafs and barrel tan branches of the oak tree. The acid wash blues skies are bounded by puffy white popcorn clouds seemly gives visual pleasure comfort , the sparrows sparing in the tree gives me peaceful scenery and escape only for awhile from the wild world beyond the fence line.

I regret leaving this perfect moment behind and it would fade into a simple pleasing memory in my mind. I wanting more of these February’s daze which I can lay around in a blindness haze.

It’s nothing like winter months in Florida and no summer months like in Florida but I perfer February year around absent the summer months would be personalized request to have my days hanging out under my oak tree during the most perfect month of the year.


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