I realized something about holidays it’s all hype spinning to commercialized opportunity and majority of the holidays has lost their real  history of origin. Those holidays  most average Americans don’t know their true meaning nor why we as a nation began to celebrate certain days as national holidays each year.wp-1480145583131.jpg

Take Thanksgiving for instance,  once the white Europeans began to colonized the new world and their subsequently migrating westward   beyond the Appalachian Mountains. White man began to fight the indians over their lands creating a century  long genocide of the indians tribes. When Columbus happen to luck up and land on the American continent in his own journal didn’t think highly of the native indians rather believe they were not be treated as men, Columbus by today’s standards international laws would have been brought in from of the world court for crime against humanity.

The Vatican didn’t see indians having souls and if the indians cannot be converted therefore they are without souls and cannot be treated as men. Now you doubt moment the things I just mention please by all means do your own research don’t just take my word as gospel.

So when the next time you’re  celebrating Thanksgiving it wasn’t not so thankful towards the Native Indians of North America.  wp-1480145628191.png


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