I know everyone daydreaming on occasions, some studies say 96% of adults engaged in at lease bout of daily fantasies.

Often I willingly drift into daydream whenever boredom sets into my consciousness, I gleefully lapse into another fantasy to escape from this mondaune reality. Sometimes a voice, thought or someone passing trigger daydreaming when my hands is idle so goes my head.

Now take today, Hoildays only few days away and office goes into slow down mode. Zero work productivity happens everyone in a festive mood, Its my best personal time of daydreaming when the office falls into joyful atmosphere. By having active daydreams I wonder individuals are more creative than others?

Japanese researcher Hiraku Takeuchi showed in 2010 that people more likely to generate creative ideals. Creativity may come at a cost. By daydreaming too much it can effect your productivity, not hurt your memory. I just keep a healthy balance of daydreaming whenever my hands are idle.
So if by daydreaming on occasions gets me through some diffcult days I will certainly do it but don’t let the boss catch you daydreaming about sitting on white sandy beach in Tahiti.


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