A few years ago friend suggested I go hiking and finally I took her up on that offer. I began reading hiking magazines, doing research on the internet and looking locally for some hiking trails in state and county parks.

Then my research progressed into types of clothing, shoes and other items hikers uses in hiking, I even found hiking clubs online then  adventure into chat rooms were the abet hikers dwell. I even  began following on social media anyone or anything that associated with any forum of hiking. Then I  began walking on the beach with my new hiking boots more so to break myself in than the boots.

At work instead of taking  the elevator up five flights I decided to hump it up the stairs each morning and during the afternoon on my lunch break.  The first several weeks of this event my thighs began burning and telling my brain,  “what the fuck!” but each evening I spent several hours soaking my sore muscles in hot tub and damn it felt good. I noticed the five flight stairs was just a stroll and the muscle soreness in my back and legs wasn’t issues with me anymore. Even the walk on the beach during the weekend in my hiking boots seemly to become easier like walking downhill.

I didn’t want to embarrassed myself on the first hike,  so I prepared myself physically to hike at lease  a mile. I knew my friend was a season hiker and me being competitive I wanted to hold my own during the hike. I never thought about hiking but this seems like a great ideal and excellent way of exercising besides jogging. I have been hiking now for several months and it’s my escape from the concrete  glass world to the natural embrace of nature.






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