Me & Mine Thoughts




I began knowing nothing in which I was going to write about. I definite struggle to grasp at something that would be interesting to others but why not I write something that gives me pleasure to write about or just to mention in this essay.

Banging out my thoughts on my laptop gives me a sense of freedom and I just enjoy writing because I can hear myself talking while clicking on the keys. In the background my wife says “Mark I’m talking to you”  yelling out from the other room. I refuse my efforts to resume this lousy essay, how lame this will be once I’m finished as I glee but I must confessed occasionally I can hear my daughter feet walking across the tile  floor as the air conditioning kicks  the force air is cool. I’m remained it’s about the time to change that damn air filter.

I hear on the television for a full hour they’re talking about Hillary Clinton’s medical issues seems as if nothing else news worthy is happening in the world more pressing than Mrs. Clinton’s health from a damn pneumonia. why they’re not reporting the issues in Louisianan flooding victims or the crisis in Sudan and the Syria. the growing white supremacists which the cable news media making them the norm as they made the con man Trump the republican party nominee with free television. Cable news nothing but info entertainment.  It’s just another Monday night me sitting in the room just writing my thoughts that no one will ever have the half a sense to read this horror-able essay of mine.

I better end this essay because I like to get something to eat and maybe continue another essay that does not say much of anything.





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