Who cries for me decades of crimes wages upon me my fathers, grandfathers crusing thou blk skin labeling we’re not kin to men
Rapped in chains over 200 years civilized men used the bible to reinforced this horrible single sin upon another man skin now
Who cried for blk skin lynched by peoples claiming they’re civilized men
Which look upon the blk skin lower than farm pigs then walk upon the backs of blk skin become wealthy men don’t mentioned how blk skin is embraced as Americans when in 1932 jessie Ownes wins
How convenient the United States cheered blk skin became heavy weight champ of the world
blk skin Inventors contribute to land of milk and honey
Who cries for me , who cries for the institutional injustice upon the blk skin
Who cries for me so many wounded men of blk skin co-existing along side brn skin , yellow skin red skin we’re all kin also civilized men but use racism, fear to divide men
Who else cries for blk skin in the end


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